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My progress in the Table Top Gaming hobby
Privateer Press Warmachines & Hordes
11th-Apr-2009 01:48 pm - In Laws in Town
My in laws are in town and they are graciously helping us with our home repairs.  It is not only VERY nice of them to help us do trim, paint, etc. but they're really good at it!!

Anyway, while they are here I am working rather than painting models - but hope to have some of my Band of Bodgers II progress posted soon; in addition, I hope to have pics of my first terrain pieces up.
I'm painting tonight and should have at least 8 completely done!  I will take photos (probably tomorrow) and post them.
8th-Mar-2009 06:29 pm - Photos - finally!
Well Gubnutz's February challenge ended and I didn't quite meet my goal.  I am doing conversions on my Hammerfall and I decided to do 22 of them rather than the 8 I had commited to.  Thankfully they're done (although I have 8 more to do to have 30 high shields!) but I only painted 8 of them.  My March goal is to finish the 8 guys I started and maybe start prepping some forge guard.

There's a bit more paint that needs to happen on these guys but I'll put up what I have.

Gave this guy a pony tail, a very long one.

Here's some photos of what I've got painted already...



HORGENHOLD FORGE GUARD (but these guys need to be stripped and repainted the same red as Bokur #2)
*i was shooting for a copper & patina look. People on the forums seemed to like it ok, but it didn't come out the way I wanted.  The guy on the far right has patina on his rivets of his armored skirt.  The guy in the middle has "newer" armor, and the guy on the left has a bit "older" armor.  All in all they look just 'ok' but I am going to strip them and repaint them red & black, like Bokur #2.

I game at my LGS and it's named:  Gryphon Games & Comics
but I may be involved in a slow grow league at a local hobby store (Hobby Town) as I am trying to become a Press Ganger.  If I get involved in that slow grow league then I will be holding on the Searforge painting and start painting whatever it is I'm going to play there - probably Legion, but it depends on what the new players are playing - I'm a "fill in the gaps" sort of guy : )
21st-Feb-2009 12:16 am - Here's what I own so far...
It's the weekend and I'm hoping to get some photos into this journal.  I work with people that are unemployed and we're mega busy, as you could imagine.

Here's a list of the army points that I own.  I'm trying to become a PP PG, so I'm attempting to get all the battleboxes & warpacks together so I can do demos w/all the options available... I think I just need Cryx.

Anyway, the first number is the amount painted, second number is the amount owned.  Let's keep in mind that I may not have necessarily painted ALL of MY painted models :P

Searforge 190/1318
MERCS 0/300
Cygnar 443/443
Khador 47/449
Cryx 000/000
PoM 0/1053

Trollbloods 858/1350
Skorne 399/399
Legion 0/278
Circle 0/383
16th-Feb-2009 09:23 pm - Kick Off...
I need to get to bed as I have to get up for work in the morning :(
I will talk about my armies soon, and post photos.

For my Rhulic force, I was doing a copper & patina theme, but now I'm looking into cream, red, and black as the color scheme - I just like it better - it seems more vibrant; however, the Warcaster (gorten) is going to stay copper & patina.  I figure he can look a little different since he's a caster :D

More + Photos soon.

16th-Feb-2009 07:27 pm - Testing my Journal Entries
Testing text & photo entry.

1st-Feb-2009 12:58 pm - Test entry for journal
Test entry for journal.
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